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ICOM Radios

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Icom UK is one of the country’s leading distributors of radio communications products and has built a reputation for providing the marine, aviation, amateur and business markets with high quality products and excellent service.

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Icom IC-F3062 / 4062 S&T
The IC-F3062/4062 S&T Series is the successor to the best selling IC-F31G/41G Series of professional PMR handheld transceivers. Designed for business.
Icom IC-F34 / 44 GS & GT
The IC-F34/44 G series from Icom is suitable for a variety of needs – large or small, mobile or stationary. Offering a wide frequency range, multiple signalling and loud audio, the IC-F34/44G series is a rugged and reliable 2-way radio communications tool.
Icom IC-F110S / 210S Mobile Radio
Fully approved and featuring 8 channels, the IC-F110S/210S series radios will allow operators such as taxi operators, construction companies, security firms and farmers to equip their vehicle fleets with transceivers built to the highest quality standards.
Icom Digital IC-F3162 / F4162 Series
Designed for serious business use, the IC-F3162 series includes the latest digital technology.
Icom IC-F5062 / F6062 Digital Mobile
IC-F5062/F6062 VHF/UHF Commercial Mobile Series, New (IDAS)