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Radio Hire


When organizing an event: time, schedules, and dealer support make the difference for success. Renting two-way radio equipment will help you coordinate a trouble-free event. Farnborough Communications can provide the following services and equipment:


  • Evaluate your rental equipment needs
  • Extensive portable radio inventory
  • Radio Users: Farnborough Communications can program the rental radios to your frequencies and PL codes, so that the radios all work together
  • All of our radios are licensed and meet ofcom requirements
  • Farnborough Communications offers a wide area solution for greater area coverage
  • All rentals include extra batteries and rapid chargers
  • Hands-Free earpieces and headsets are available
  • Training on all products is provided and required
  • Experienced technical staff is available
  • Prompt and Efficient delivery

Radios available from as little as £5 per day on a short term lease.

Long term hire available at very competitive rates.

Please call or email for advice and pricing.

Tel: 01252 403655

Fax: 01252 403657