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Shopwatch Scheme

Shopwatch Safety in the Highstreet

With the use of two way radios, many shopping centres and local high streets use a Shopwatch scheme to stay in touch with neighbouring shops, security staff, the local Police and CCTV control room.

How a Shopwatch works:

  • Store detectives, security officers and shop assistants can carry a walkie talkie
  • Smaller stores can have a walkie talkie kept behind the counter
  • Any messages sent from a two way radio are heard by everyone on the network.
  • Each two way radio user has a caller ID, so the controllers know who is trasmitting and where a suspect is.
  • If a walkie talkie is stolen, it can be stunned (put to sleep) so the thief will be unable to use the radio.
  • Shopping centre security staff or police can monitor the two way radio network at all times.

Farnborough Communications continually work with local councils and police stations to combat shop theft whilst increasing personal safety and confidence amongst the customers and many retailers included in a scheme. Shopwatch schemes unify retailers with the use of two way radios by informing every store in the area of potential criminals from where they are, to what they look like whilst increasing staff confidence and reducing the fear of crime.

Farnborough Communications has a proven track record in providing successful shopwatch schemes, for information on setting up your town please email or call for free consultation.


Pubwatch is a now a well established initiative that shares the Governments concern over the anti-social behaviour that surrounds the night time economy. Licensees and owners are increasingly in conjunction with Police and Local Authorities fighting the battle against anti-social behaviour. Two way radios are critical to this initiative providing the link between the eyes and ears on the ground with the CCTV centre co-coordinating the various groups to contain any incident.